Here’s to us lucky few

We knew what we wanted to do

We won the race

And knew our place

Inside out and through and through

Here’s to us popular folk

People listened when we spoke

Our confidence

No coincidence

Our egos they awoke

Here’s to us who figured out

What this world is all about

We’re making money

‘Cos the weather’s sunny

For those unafraid to shout

Here’s to us who’ve got it made

Sunshine basking throwing shade

On all our lowly peers

Chained by mortal fears

And paying prices we never paid

Here’s to us who know ourselves

Trophies fill our crowded shelves

We’ve got it together

And will have forever

Into success we’ve delved

Here’s to us, the lucky few

We do what we were born to do

But here’s the twist

We don’t exist

We’re merely an illusion to you

Creative Copywriter, UK. Probably knows more Simpsons jokes than you.

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