“How Was Your Weekend?”

Between the stand-up phone calls

and across the office floor,

you wave to folk you hardly know

except in these four walls.


By overcrowded kitchen sinks

we share a laugh or two.

Awkward small talk, Monday mornings

“Yea, I’m good, and you?”


We sit in groups and chat at lunch

about the week we’ve had,

and Netflix shows you’ve got to see

once you’ve finished Breaking Bad.


Through every boring meeting

and biannual corporate do,

forced friendships soon turn genuine,

the falseness becomes true.


These strangers who surrounded us,

now irreplaceable friends.

We go for drinks outside of work

and party at weekends.


We bitch about the boss man

and rant about our pay.

Through Skype, Slack and funny gifs

we while away our day.


But lo, on LinkedIn you did spot

a job that’s made for you.

It’s better than the one you’ve got.

You apply, and get it too.


Your notice has been given in.

Your last day is in sight.

You hit the pub with all your friends

and promise to stay tight.


And still the years go by and by,

our lives continue on.

New colleagues and new kitchen sinks,

new parties, jokes and fun.


In moments you’ll look fondly back

at times you have embraced

strangers who felt like family,

so easily replaced.


You raise a glass with your new team

but secretly you toast

to friends of old workplaces past

to whom you’re but a ghost.


So make new friends but always heed

the office friendship lore,

when bonding over email, waving

across the office floor.

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